Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dental X-Rays Are Important !!

Even if you go to the dentist on a regular, or somewhat regular, basis for cleaning and exams it is important to also get x-rays every year. So often a patient will come in excrutiating pain from a tooth that has been gradually decaying for years, but the decay was not visible to the naked eye. All the extra pain and dental complications could have been avoided by routine x-rays.

Often decay forms between the teeth where it may never become visible to the examining dentist or the hygienist, but it is certainly visible on the x-ray. So when your dentist recommends x-rays, get them! It can save you pain, additional dental procedures and most importantly-- your tooth.

Kurz Family & Cosmetic dentistry specializes in preventative care. Call us today to schedule a complete exam, cleaning and x-ray.

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