Monday, October 17, 2011

Link Between Mouth Bacteria and Pancreatic Cancer

A small study was published in the journal GUT suggesting that certain types of mouth bacteria, some of which are found in gum disease, are linked to pancreatic cancer.

The authors explain that the findings could pave the way for new treatment approaches for pancreatic cancer, which is one of the hardest cancers to detect and treat. Pancreatic cancer usually spreads quickly. Typically only one in twenty patients survive longer than five years after their diagnosis.

The researchers conducted a study in which they compared bacteria found in the saliva of 10 pancreatic cancer patients whose cancer had not yet spread with 10 healthy people. The participants were matched for age and sex.

As of yet, it is not clear if the presence of specific bacteria types are the cause or effect of pancreatic cancer. Although, the findings are supported by earlier research, which showed that bacteria have an impact in the development of pancreatic diseases.

The researchers conclude that levels of particular types of bacteria can potentially be utilized as a non-invasive and legitimate screening method for pancreatic cancer. They hope that it could be a possible early detection method for a disease that displays no clear symptoms in its early stages.

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