Monday, June 11, 2012

Safety Concerns With Mercury Fillings

When we speak of “Going Green,” we often reference saving the environment, but how does that connect with the world of dentistry?

Did you know that amalgam is the most commonly used filling material throughout the world? It is an alloy made of 50% Silver and 50% Mercury and has been used as a filling material since 1816. While dentists for a long time used amalgam as dental fillings, in recent years, it has been discovered that this black/silver substance is actually harmful to one's health and could lead to toxicity-related illnesses. The most at risk are children and lactating or pregnant women.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Silver Amalgam Fillings?

•They can be dark and unsightly.

•As they age, the edges of the fillings undergo metal fatigue and begin to break down.

•When fillings break, they no longer seal the tooth; this may allow cavities to start again.

•Silver fillings just fill holes, they do not add strength to teeth (bonded fillings add strength).

•Silver fillings absorb water and expand as they age, so the tooth may break.

•The metal in silver fillings causes unsightly stains of the teeth and the gums.

•Undercuts or pins have to be placed in a tooth to mechanically hold the filling in the tooth; this weakens the tooth and can accelerate cracking.

What does 'mercury-safe' mean for “Going Green”?
Patients request removal of their mercury amalgam fillings for two main reasons:

· They want to have better-looking teeth - a cosmetic makeover.

· They have been referred by a health professional.

Some dentists offer the options of amalgam or mercury free which is always a good selling point for clients! If you are looking for mercury-free fillings or having poisonous dental amalgam fillings removed, aim to find a dental clinic that has expertise and experience in how to perform this type of dental work safely. Because of the toxic nature of mercury and the proximity of the mouth to the brain, it is critical to remove mercury amalgam fillings using safe protocols. New strong filling materials have been invented and new dental equipment like dental water lasers and air abrasion, make it possible to make mercury (silver) fillings redundant.

We recommended that you do your own research and reading before choosing a dentist. Our dental practice can provide you with a wide selection that includes ceramics, composites and other mercury-free material.

If you want to learn more about dental health or safe mercury amalgam removal protocols, contact Kurz Family Dentistry today. We are your Dacula dentist and experts in perfecting your smile!
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