Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting Your Kids To Brush | Kid's Dentist Dacula

Trying to get your kids interested in good oral hygiene can be quite the uphill climb. Kids often associate it with all the things they don’t particularly like, including going to the dentist, flossing and not getting to enjoy candy and sodas at will.  So how do you get your kids to care about their dental health?  Being a great example for them is probably the best way, but here are a few other things you can try that may peak your child’s interest as well…

Plip Clips: Most kids love animals, bright colors and novelty. Plip clips offer all 3. They are little critters that they can “feed” their toothbrush to after brushing. They are pretty inexpensive and you can also use them for other purposes. Click here to check them out.

Musical Toothbrush: Yes they make musical toothbrushes with all the latest songs your children love.  If your child loves to sing and dance to tunes, they will probably love this toothbrush and want to use it. Click here to check out some of the options available

Mouth Mirrors: Mouth mirrors aren’t just for dentists. Having one available for your child to use and can peek their interest. Seeing all the intricacies and teeth in their mouth can be fun for kids and help them understand how important their dental health is. 

Flavored Mouthwash: Introducing a kid friendly flavored mouthwash that they can only use after brushing and flossing may encourage them to keep up with their daily oral care. 

Starting kids off young with good oral hygiene and dental care habits can benefit them for a lifetime. If you are looking for a friendly family dentist in Gwinnett, give us a call today. We would love to be your dentist and welcome children of any age! 

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