Wednesday, September 10, 2014

No Dental Insurance? No Problem At Kurz Dentistry | Non Insurance Dental Plan Gwinnett

Dental care can be a very expensive cost for you and your family if you do not have insurance. It can cause stress and financial strain to even keep up with routine exams and x-rays. If you are one of the many people not currently covered by dental insurance, we understand and we have a solution. 

We are proud to now offer KURZ CARE PLUS. Kurz Care Plus is a discount membership plan exclusively designed to provide quality dental care at affordable rates to everyone who is not currently covered under a dental insurance policy.  You will see substantial savings on all your dental care needs. 

For one low annual membership price you will receive two **professional standard dental cleanings (D1110), unlimited doctor exams, unlimited diagnostic x-rays as well as a 20% savings on ALL dental treatment. If you need uninsured dental work done in Gwinnett, Dacula or the Hamilton Mill area, call us.


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