Monday, October 20, 2014

How To Protect Your Kid's Teeth At Halloween | The Dacula Dentist

Halloween is a fun time full of witches, jack-o-lanterns and of course tons of candy.  Most every child, and many adults, love the sweet candies that are given out all over town for Halloween.  No parent wants to deprive their child of Halloween fun, but too much candy can be really bad for their teeth.  

Here are a few things you can try to reduce your child’s candy intake:

1. Have a TRADE-IN Program: You know what your kids like so offer a trade for their candy. Whether it is video game time, money or a new mp3, you may find that they are willing to give up all or most of their candy for the right trade off.

2. Have a Party in lieu of Trick or Treating: When you have a party at home you can control the amount of candy given to your child.  Just make sure the party is full of fun, games and entertainment and the extra candy will hardly be missed.

3. Let Your Child Hand Out the Candy: Instead of going trick or treating, let them hand out the candy. While you wait you can do fun activities together like bob for apples, carve pumpkins and do line dances.

You don’t have to take the fun out of Halloween to take some of the sugar out.  Have a safe and happy Halloween. Also remember that we are a family dental office and welcome your little ones in for dental exams and treatments. 

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