Monday, July 23, 2012

The Best Foods To Prevent Tooth Decay

Most of us like to indulge in sweets and sugary drinks, at least once and while. We often don’t think about the effects these foods have on our teeth though. Eating the right foods can make a difference in your dental health. Here are a few foods that are great for your teeth and help prevent tooth decay.

Milk & Cheese
Milk and cheese are both rich in calcium. Calcium is great for preventing tooth decay, especially for developing kids.

Fruits & Vegetables
High fiber foods like fruits and vegetables assist in creating salivation, which in turn creates mineral defenses against tooth decay.

Whole Grain Bread
Whole grains foods are high in iron and B vitamins, both of which are great for maintaining healthy gums.

So passing up on junk food and sodas not only does your body good, but your teeth and gums too. Tooth decay is a serious issue and eating right can help improve your dental health. Making healthy food choices can help keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

Here at Kurz Family Dentisty we believe in patient education and helping our patients improve their dental health. If you have more questions on preventing tooth decay or would like to schedule a dental appointment, to contact us today.

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