Saturday, October 13, 2012

Does Genetics or Dental Care Determine Our Teeth’s Fate? | The Dacula Dentist

In short, dental care is the dominant factor in the health of your gums and teeth. Still, that is not to say that genetics doesn’t also play a role. From birth, our mouth fills with a network of microorganisms which will forever impact or dental health. The level of influence that genetics play toward the role of these microorganisms is still largely unknown. Our commitment to fully understand this role in greater detail would significantly improve our ability to initiate effective prevention and treatment plans in the future.

Recent research has found though that there is a basic foundation of bacteria present in all humans. Ken Krauter, senior author of the study, asserts that there is a very high degree of commonality in the microbial species found in all human mouths. The more that can be learned about these microbial communities, the more equipped we will be at understanding and preventing their potentially harmful effects.

So our main focus with patients must be care at this point. Proper brushing at least two times a day, flossing daily, annual dental x-rays and bi-annual dental exams are what is going to make the biggest impact on your long term oral health. Also, starting young is important. Even toddlers should regularly see their dentist and receive proper dental hygiene daily. The dental care we put forth makes a tremendous difference in the health of our teeth and gums.

We understand the importance of proper dental care and make that a priority at our dental office. If you have questions on dental hygiene or care, contact us today. Feel free to contact us with any other questions as well or to schedule an appointment. We want to be your dentist!

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