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Proper Cleaning & Care For Dentures | The Dacula Dentist

If you wear dentures, it can be challenging to keep them clean, odor free and comfortable. Dentures are an expensive and important investment, so here are some tips to clean and care for your dentures:

Cleaning Dentures
1. Clean the plaque buildup on your dentures every day using a denture brush and by soaking them in denture cleanser (do not use toothpaste on your dentures).

2. Clean your dentures over water or a soft surface to avoid damaging them just in case they are dropped.

3. After eating, thoroughly rinse your dentures to wash away leftover food particles.

4. When cleaning your dentures with a denture brush, use gentle strokes and clean, warm water to avoid damaging the surface of your dentures.

You should still visit your dentist regularly even if you have full dentures. Your dentist can offer tips and guidelines for taking proper care of your dentures and gums. It is commonplace that dentures have to be replaced every 5 – 10 years as the mouth changes over time. A refitting is recommended every 2-3 years to reline the dentures. Your dentist can help you determine the right time for you to refit and/or replace your dentures.

We offer full and partial dentures and denture care at our office. We want you to feel comfortable in your dentures and can help you ensure that they stay clean and white. If you have questions on getting dentures or denture care, contact us today. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment. We want to be your dentist!

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