Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Good, Bad And Ugly When It Comes To Toothpaste | The Dacula Dentist

We all know toothpaste is a must have item. We all want clean and healthy teeth and toothpaste plays a big part in that.  The good thing is that most toothpaste is created to protect teeth, prevent decay and increase whiteness.  The bad part is trying to figure out which toothpaste is right for you and which actually might be harmful.

If you have sensitive teeth, periodontal disease or bad breath concerns you may want to look at specialty toothpastes, but you still do not want to compromise protecting your teeth.  So how do you choose? Talking to your dentist about your specific concerns is a good first step. Also, read the labels, dental reviews and ingredients for your current toothpaste as well as other toothpastes you are considering switching to.

Another ugly factor about toothpaste that isn’t often brought up is the abrasiveness of its cleaning particles.  Toothpastes that are too abrasive can actually damage your teeth by removing vital enamel from your teeth.  Tooth enamel does not regenerate itself so it is important that we preserve the enamel we have. 

If you have additional questions about selecting the right toothpaste,  feel free to contact us. Using the right toothpaste for you and your family is important.  Your dental health and preventing decay and disease is our priority.  We want to be your dentist!

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