Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Teeth Whitening Tricks You Can Try At Home | Cosmetic Dentist Dacula GA

Who doesn’t want a bright, white smile? Drinking coffee, sipping wine, smoking and other habits can cause yellowing or staining on our teeth over time. There are some things you can do yourself though that just may help whiten your smile…

Choose fibrous, exfoliating foods like strawberries, lettuce and broccoli to help gently lift stains.

Use a straw when you drink fluids that stain teeth, including red wine, coffee and artificially colored beverages.

Use whitening dental floss daily. This will help minimize staining between teeth.

Using these tips in conjunction with professional teeth whitening will likely give you the best results.  We offer Zoom! Teeth whitening in our Dacula dental office as a part of our cosmetic dentistry services.  You will see whiter, more attractive teeth in no time. When you need quality cosmetic dental care in or near Dacula, GA, contact us and we will take care of all your cosmetic dentistry needs. 

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