Monday, June 9, 2014

Give Dad A Brand New Smile for Father’s Day | Cosmetic Dentist Dacula, GA

Dad’s do such much to care for their families and provide for their family's needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to spoil Dad for a change?  Treating Dad to a better, brighter smile is a great gift.  Teeth whitening, dentures, implants and veneers are just some of the options available to him. 

We specialize in cosmetic dentistry services and even offer complimentary consultations and dental discounts.  We understand that most Dads put off dental appointments and dental care, so give them the nudge they need. You can call and schedule the appointment for him.  Show Dad just how much you care and bring him into our office for his FREE SMILE CONSULTATION.  We offer flexible payment options and comprehensive dental care.  People are often surprised that most of our cosmetic dental procedures and minimally invasive and are usually completed in one or two appointments.  Call us today.

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