Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why Mercury Free Dentistry Is Important | Mercury Free Dentist Gwinnett

At Kurz Family Dentistry, we don’t just treat your teeth. We treat you as a whole individual. As a part of our holistic dentistry approach, we focus on protecting your body from the harmful effects of mercury. We never compromise your health or safety with our dental care. All of our dental procedures are conducted in the safest manner possible.  We care about the entire health of our patients.

Mercury can be extremely harmful and toxic to the body. Silver fillings are not only unsightly, but this black/silver substance is actually harmful to one's health and could lead to toxicity-related illnesses. The safety of the materials used in all of our dental treatments is paramount at our practice. We do not use metal or mercury (amalgam) in any of our our crowns, bridges and dental veneers. When you visit our Gwinnett dental office, you can feel assured that we will only use approved and safe materials and treatments. By utilizing the latest technology and staying update to date with the best dental treatments, we can educate and treat our patients with the utmost care. Click here to learn more about our Mercury Free Dental Services.

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