Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are Our Mouths In A Permanent State Of Disease? | The Dacula Dentist

No one wants any part of their body, especially their mouth, to be in a permanent state of disease. But according to Medical News Today, that just may be the case.  A dental study in Nature Genetics uncovered that teeth and oral disease have changed dramatically since prehistoric times.  The sharp decrease in diverse oral bacteria in modernized industrial humans in comparison to early man is stunning. According to these researchers, this has left us in a virtually perpetual state of oral disease.

There have been sweeping changes in the way we live and what we eat and drink since the Stone Ages, which have led to negative changes in our oral bacteria.  Changes and reductions in bodily bacteria can significantly impact our health and susceptibility to diseases, this fact also applies to our oral health.

Comparing extracted DNA from various stages of evolution dating back to prehistoric times allowed researchers to see a progressive denigration of the amounts and types of helpful oral bacteria humans have in their mouths.  Understanding this  more fully may lead to refining methods for improving our overall dental health in the future by learning from our past.

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