Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 Important Questions For Your Dentist | The Dacula Dentist

Many patients just want to get in and get out when they go to the dentist, but don’t be so hasty. Your dentist is a wealth of knowledge and a tremendous resource (or at least they should be).  You don’t necessarily have to be in the midst of any major dental issues to take advantage of the time you have with your dentist. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions. They should be happy to take the time to explain things to you about your dental health, prevention an ongoing dental care.  At your next appointment, be sure to ask your dentist any and all questions that are important to you about your dental health and hygiene.  Also be sure to ask your dentist these 3 questions as well if they aren't on your list already:

1. What can I do to improve my overall dental health?
This is a simple, but important question that most people don’t ask.  Don’t assume that your dentist is telling you this information. There may be numerous changes that you can make that will significantly improve your overall dental health.

2. Is there anything I should alert my family doctor about?
Many medical issues will show early symptoms in your teeth, mouth and gums.  Be sure that your dentist is paying close attention and informing you of any signs of potential problems.

3. What are your specializations and education?
It’s not rude or inappropriate to ask your dentist about their education and any specialties they may have. You are placing a significant amount of trust and financial investment in your dentist, so you want to be sure that your dentist has the education and experience to meet all your needs.

Get to know your dentist and ask lots of questions.  Information is key and your dentist should be happy to educate you as a valued patient. Our dental office focuses heavily on patient education and invites our patients to ask us questions on their dental health.  If you are in need of a dentist in Gwinnett, call us today. We want to be your dentist!

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