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Causes and Solutions for Yellowed Teeth | The Dacula Dentist

A bright, white smile is appealing to most everyone. Having a smile you feel confident in can boost self-esteem, improve your desire to socialize and help your overall appearance.   Yellowing teeth can be a source of embarrassment and negative self-image.  Here are some of the top causes and solutions for yellow teeth.

Nature - Sometimes it’s just genetic. Some people have teeth that naturally have a yellowish tone in color.  The layer below our white enamel, dentin,  is yellow.  If your enamel is not well mineralized, it may become translucent and allow the yellow dentin to show through.
Aging - Teeth can often yellow with age.  As enamel wears thin and long term exposure to staining food and drink takes it toll, once white teeth can become yellowed. 
Dental Hygiene – This is the most common cause of yellowing teeth.  Simply not caring for teeth properly with brushing, exams and cleanings can leave your smile lacking in brightness. 

Toothpaste - Advances in effective whitening toothpastes have been pretty amazing. Choosing a reputable, well reviewed whitening toothpaste can make your smile noticeably whiter.  Ask your dentist to recommend a whitening toothpaste that is also good for protecting and cleaning your teeth as well.
Brushing & Flossing - Brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily will help to keep your mouth clean and lessen the staining effects of certain food and drinks.
Professional Whitening – Professional teeth whitening can often make your smile several shades whiter. Both take home and in office professional teeth whitening can offer long lasting improvements in making your smile white and bright. 
We understand how important having a white and beautiful smile is.  Our office offers professional teeth whitening services to our patients that can make your smile much brighter and reduce any yellowing your teeth may have suffered.  Feel free to contact us with questions on cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening or to schedule an appointment.  

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