Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Proper Diet To Promote Healthy Teeth | The Dacula Dentist

Healthy teeth and gums are the foundation to great dental health. Diet can significantly impact your oral health. These are a few dietary recommendations to prevent tooth decay & gum disease, while promoting dental health.

Drinking Black Tea – Many of us like to start our day with coffee, but black tea may be an alternative you would like to try. Studies at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry have shown that compounds in black tea can help reduce unhealthy bacteria that  lead to cavities and gum disease.

Get Enough Calcium – Since we were kids, we have always been told that, “milk does a body good”. It also does your teeth a world of good. Calcium, especially in children, promotes strong teeth. According to the Journal of Periodontology, failing to meet your daily calcium requirements greatly increases your risk of developing gum disease.

Consume Vitamin C – A study conducted at the State University of NY at Buffalo indicates a direct connection between contracting gingivitis and not getting the recommended amount of daily Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in your bodies’ ability to fight infection and improve its overall health. Eating foods high in Vitamin C is your best option to make sure your are getting enough daily. If that isn’t possible, then you may want to consider supplements.

Drink More Water – Water is vital to our bodies and oral health. Replacing sugary and acidic drinks with fresh water can help prevent tooth decay and teeth staining. Water also assists in washing harmful bacteria and food particles away from your teeth.

Oral health is important to your overall health and well being. Choosing a balanced diet that promotes dental health can present long lasting benefits. Our office offers comprehensive dental care and makes dental health a top priority. Feel free to contact us with questions on dental health or to schedule an appointment.

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