Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How To Choose The Right Dentist

It can be daunting to find just the right dentist for you and your family. There are so many factors to consider. The 3 C’s are critical factors that can help you make the right choose in selecting a dentist. The 3 C’s include: Care, Coverage and Convenience.

Care: The most important factor in choosing a dentist is the level of care you will receive. When determining whether or not a dentist will offer quality care, you should do your homework. Factors to consider are education, patient reviews, membership in the Academy of General Dentistry, professionalism, compassion and office amenities. Dentists who are members of the AGD must meet specific requirements for continuing education and standards of care. You have to put a significant amount of trust in your dentist so be sure they offer a superior level of dental care.

Coverage: Cost and insurance coverage cannot be overlooked when deciding on a dentist. Many dental procedures can be expensive and finding a dentist that is in-network if you have dental insurance can save you a significant amount of money. If you don’t have dental insurance, you may want to find a dental office that offers in-house payment plans for more expensive dental work.

Convenience: We are much more likely to see our dentist regularly if it is convenient to do so. Think about the factors most important to you, including, location, office hours, online appointment scheduling and rescheduling policies. You also want to find a dentist who can treat your entire family and is kid friendly if you have children. If your dentist is too far from home or is only open when you are at work, then you may put off seeing the dentist when you really shouldn’t.

We work hard to offer our patients the 3 C’s. Our dental patients can count on us for terrific dental care, comprehensive dental coverage and family convenience. We offer complete dental services, including dental exams and x-rays. Feel free to contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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